Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Back on Track

Ok, we took a break from posting as we developed some other pressing projects during the latter part of 2008. But now we're getting back on track.

We'll begin our regular posts this week continuing to address issues pertaining to the light rail in the Metro East. We recently completed an essay about the light rail in the region, which restored our faith in the significance of our project. In the process of researching the topic over the last couple of months, we became even more aware of how little reading materials exists about the cultural benefits and drawbacks of this mode of travel.

We'll work to share some of what we've learned riding and researching light rail transit here. Our hope is that we can develop a broader body of knowledge on the subject and that we can raise awareness about why and how mobility matters in some distinct ways for folks in the area.

Each week, we'll also publish a post or two on other concerns relating to light trail travel, public transit, and mobility beyond our immediate region. In the past, we've mentioned a few examples of literature that influenced us to take up this project on the light rail, so we'll devote more time to writing about movement and mobility as represented in literary art.

So, that's a preview of where we're going over the next few months. We hope you continue to join us for the ride.

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